PinnWorth Productions returns to the Kelsey Theatre stage in 2022

with two Pulitzer Prize winning plays

Talley’s Folly

by Lanford Wilson

January 7, 8, 14, 15 2022 at 8:00 pm

January 9 and 16 at 2:00 pm 

It’s July 4, 1944 and a wandering European, Matt Friedman, ventures to Lebanon, Missouri, to court fading Southern belle Sally Talley. It’s a love story; it’s a waltz-1, 2, 3 ...



 by Ayad Akhtar

May 13, 14, 20, 21 2022 at 8:00 PM

May 15 and 22 at 2:00 pm


It’s post 9-11. Ambition, ethnic pride and fidelity, our best and worst selves explode on stage.


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Past Production

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When it premiered in 1664, Moliere's classic satire of lust, deceit and false piety was denounced as a sacrilegious outrage and banned from further public view. So naturally, Kelsey Theatre and the award-winning team at PinnWorth Productions couldn’t resist bringing this 355-year-old comedy into the present day and current political climate for an evening of deliciously satirical fun.

Featuring a new translation by Ranjit Bolt, this is the story of Tartuffe, a religious hypocrite who capitalizes on the piety and ignorance of others to line his own pocket. The trouble begins when Tartuffe deftly worms his way into the affections and household of the wealthy Orgon, who he convinces to hand over his daughter in exchange for divine absolution even as he exercises a rogue’s lust for the man’s wife.

In a household of flummoxed folks, Dorine, the sassy maid, sees the imposter for what he is, yet no one else fully grasps the crisis descending on the family. Caught most desperately in the middle of the pretender’s scheming is the desirable but dutiful wife, Elmire, whose comic booty trap is a legend of theatrical comedy. Chaos reigns until Tartuffe is finally revealed for the imposter that he is.

As director Lou Stalsworth holds a mirror up to America for the evening, this play takes us on a very familiar but hilarious ride, eventually ending it all bigly, with a happy ending, and a touch of deus ex machina, and a dash of contemporary covfefe. Seriously, the ony thing missing from this comic masterpiece is a twitter feed.

For more details and a full synopsis see Wikipedia.

Past Production

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This legendary story of good versus evil is  the source of enduring fascination and the subject of the best selling novel by producer Isabel Allende and several major motion pictures. This new musical retells the dramatic tale of a romantic hero,  spectacular sword-fighting and incredible magic – all set to the famous red-hot Gipsy Kings beat brought to the stage with the authentic colors of traditional flamenco.

The  swashbuckling adventure story of  the legendary masked man comes to  Kelsey Theatre this January under the guidance of the prize-winning team from  PinnWorth Productions.

Diego / Zorro: Kevin Albanese
Luisa: Haley Schmalbach
Ramon: Shawn Simmons
Inez: Kate Bilenko
Garcia: Michael Wemer
Alejandro: Jim Morris

Francisco Javier Estrada, David Hartway, Jen Huckleberry, Tyler Huckleberry, Shelley Gail Weiss Lightman, Ivan Max, Graciela Monagas, Diego Pablo Montealegre, Jenna Moschella, Jason Nixon, Sonia Perez, Channing Roman, Stephen Roman, Sari Ruskin, TJ Sandor, Reva Sangal, Christopher Schmalbach, Darrell Watts, and Zoey Aliah Woody.


Past Production Highlights

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