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Review.Herald.MISS SAIGON.Kelsey

By Jean Brenner

Edited for Brevity


Spectacular!  Powerful!  Intense! Passionate!


 PinnWorth Productions has produced a beautiful production of “Miss Saigon” at the Kelsey Theatre, Mercer County Community College.


 Director and co-producer, Lou Stalsworth, co-director, Koren (KZ) Zander,  co-producer, Kate Pinner, costume and set designer, Kate Pinner, lighting designer Robert Terrrano and their entire production staff are worthy of high praise as are the amazing cast and orchestra under the directions of Fracois Suhr.


With the leading roles and ensemble, the cast totals 33 people. Every one of them, including the performers who dance, march, chant and sing, but have only incidental lines, is committed to the performance. There are many scene changes, frequent costume changes, varying people to portray, and they all do it flawlessly.



By Anthony Stoeckert


Be assured that the current version of Forum, being performed by PinnWorth Productions at Kelsey in West Windsor  is something hysterical. This show is fast, clever, witty, more than a tad racy in a fun, harmless way, and wonderfully performed.


John Zimmerman is hysterical.  He makes for a terrific comedic partner with Kyrus Westcott and with Jonathan V. Polanco as fellow slave Hysterium.


Both Mr. Westcott and Mr. Polanco are standouts on their own.


Posted by Jean Brenner


Sometimes, attending a community theatre production – be it a play or a musical – can be rather like attending a pot-luck dinner: seldom will you know the menu, and often, the quality of the food is questionable. An appetizer might be delicious, but the beef stew might be “off”. The salad could be wilted, but a tasty dressing saves it. The desserts may be only ordinary chocolate chip cookies rather than creative crepes.


Happily, all of the people packed into the Kelsey Theatre at Mercer County Community College on Friday night for the opening of THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE enjoyed a divine full-course meal prepared by Master Chef, director Lou J. Stalsworth and plated by Pinn Worth Productions .


PinnWorth Productions takes on the question of following orders vs. following one’s conscience in its beautifully realized production of A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, now playing at The Kelsey Theatre.


John Shanken-Kaye brings gravitas and the occasional twinkle of humor to his portrayal of Sir Thomas More, and is complemented ably by Alana Caraccio as Lady Alice More. Jeff Dworkin is lively and humorous as The Common Man, a role which demands much of the actor portraying it; Dworkin is more than up to the challenge. Rupert Hinton’s Thomas Crowell enlivened the stage with every entrance, bringing bluster, menace and humor to his performance. Julian Azan imbues his Henry VIII with the charisma and the vanity for which the monarch was known.

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