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Auditions for Disgraced

Produced by LouJ Stalsworth and Kate Pinner

Directed by Robert A. Terrano

Stage Management by Vicki Kaiser

When auditioning for shows produced by PinnWorth production:

  • Roles are open to age appropriate performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, body types.


  • You will be asked to download the registration form, signup for your audition and bring a picture and resume, stapled together, along with the  filled-out registration form. 

Audition Information


  • Auditions require that you visit the audition page on the PinnWorth website, download the registration form, signup for your audition and bring a picture and resume, stapled together, along with the filled-out registration form. 

  • When signing up, please use only one slot. Also, please do not sign up for other actors under one name since it makes our list inaccurate.

  • Actors should prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues, the more naturalistic, the better. Each monologue should be under 2 minutes in length, for a combined audition of less than 4 minutes.

  • PinnnWorth Productions is committed to actively assisting Kelsey Theatre in advancing an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in all productions and programs offered by the resident theatre companies. We aim to foster an inclusive environment for people of all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, creeds, socio-economic statuses, nationalities, and abilities.



Corporate lawyer Amir Kapoor is living a wonderful life: he is happy, in love with his wife, and about to land the biggest promotion of his career. But when he briefly helps his nephew with a case defending a man of Muslim faith, Amir’s career and personal life begin to slowly unravel. When Amir and his artist wife, Emily, host an intimate dinner party with their two colleagues and friends, he begins to realize that the life he has built for himself may be a façade. The friendly dinner party soon escalates into an intense conversation involving religion, race and violence. Accusations are spoken, truths are revealed, and Amir’s life will never be the same again. Disgraced questions whether we can ever truly escape the confines of our upbringing and our heritage.


2 Woman 3 Men


Roles are open to age-appropriate performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations and body types.



AMIR - Male, 30s/40s, Pakistani-American lawyer born in the US married to Emily.  He has a complicated relationship to his Muslim identity and is tough, has a dark streak and is quite passionate about his beliefs.

EMILY - Female, late 20s/30s/40s, Amir’s wife. Caucasian artist whose paintings incorporate Islamic imagery but who rejects claims that her work is orientalist. Charming, easy to talk to, and ready for a major leap into the art world. Level-headed and quick to diffuse uncomfortable conversations, especially when interacting with her husband.

JORY - Female, late 20s/30s/40s, Amir’s colleague. African-American lawyer who is heading for a promotion at her firm and is married to Isaac. Confident and can hold her own in a fight. She chooses order over justice.

ISAAC - Male, late 30s/40s, Jory’s husband. Jewish-American art curator who has expressed interest in Emily’s art and career. Charming, funny, a little pretentious, clear about his views and what he likes and dislikes. Likes to argue but doesn’t know when to back down.

ABE - Male, 20s, Amir’s nephew. Pakistani-born immigrant of vulnerable immigration status. He also has a complicated relationship to being South Asian in America but has tried to assimilate superficially.

COVID 19 Protocols

Vaccinations against COVID-19 are the most potent defense we have as a community and can be obtained from local vaccination centers. All actors must be fully vaccinated. A full vaccination is defined as more than two (2) weeks following receipt of the second dose in a two-dose series or more than two (2) weeks following receipt of one dose of a single-dose vaccine.

Actors must disclose their vaccination status by submitting proof of vaccination.  Send a copy of your proof of vaccination to Also, bring your original proof of vaccination with you when you audition. This disclosure is limited to vaccination status and will not include any additional medical information. Any disclosure of vaccine status will be treated as private and confidential medical information.

Due to the rising Delta variant spread, the college will continue to require all students, employees, contractors and visitors to wear a face mask indoors on campus while in the presence of other people. Outdoor masking is also required when in the presence of others. 

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