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On Golden Pond

By Anthony Stoeckert


Gay people are just as normal as every other person in this world. They are simply ordinary people.

Crazy, right? Well, that “gay people are normal people” message is the message that PinnWorth Production’s Love! Valour! Compassion! so excellently displayed this past weekend in The Kelsey Theatre at Mercer County Community College

I commend PinnWorth for taking this risk and putting up a show like this, and I particularly commend the actors for not holding back physically or mentally. By the end of the show, you will really feel like you know these guys.

By Regina Deavitt Beaucheane

Director Lou J. Stalsworth has assembled an outstanding, high-energy ensemble, with the cast giving it their all as they act, dance and sing their way through the show. Peter DeMets’s musical direction, as well as his orchestra, is extraordinary. Renee Liciaga’s choreography is delightful, and costume and set design, both led by Kate Pinner, are spot-on. Kudos, too, are due to the lighting and sound designers, Robert Terrano, Eric Collins and Evan Paine.


By Anthony Stoeckert


The set by Kate Pinner is a wonder. The Thayers’ cabin has wood-paneled walls, screen doors, a fireplace and bookshelves filled with board games and the kind of Reader’s Digest condensed book collection that are often found in lakeside cabins. The pictures and baubles add an effect that makes it seem as if we’ve walked into a home that’s been around for decades.

John Shanken-Kaye and Laurie Hardy convincingly play the longtime couple (Mr. Shanken-Kaye’s old-man hair is less convincing). Eliazabeth Rzasa does a terrific job of mixing her character’s enthusiasm over a new love with the frustration of being around her father, and Rob Gougher gets lots of laughs during a scene where Charlie approaches the subject of sleeping arrangements with Norman.

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